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The Blue Dog Coalition was created in 1995 to represent the commonsense middle of the Democratic Party. Blue Dogs advocate for mainstream American values, a commitment to fiscal responsibility, and a strong national defense. 

The name “Blue Dog” originates from the long-time tradition of referring to a strong Democratic Party supporter as being a “Yellow Dog Democrat,” who would, “vote for a yellow dog if it was listed on the ballot as a Democrat.” Leading up to the 1994 election the founding members of the Blue Dogs felt that they had been “choked blue” by the extremes of both political parties. 

Currently, the Blue Dog Coalition is comprised of 15 moderate members who represent every corner of the country and continue to work to end the divisive and toxic nature of politics today. They work with members of both parties to find areas of compromise and to advance public policies that benefit the entire nation. 

The Blue Dogs also have a number of policy task forces focused on the important issues facing our nation today, including: small business development, federal oversight and regulatory review, and energy independence.

Blue Dogs are not beholden to any political party leadership, but rather the constituents they represent.