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Blue Dogs Endorse Three More Candidates for 2012

Crooks (IN-8), Gulleson (ND-AL), McDowell (MI-1) Latest Candidates to Gain Support

Washington, D.C. The Blue Dog Coalition announced today that it has endorsed a third round of candidates in the 2012 election. Today’s addition of three endorsements brings the total number of Blue Dog candidates to eleven.

Receiving the endorsement of the Blue Dogs today are Dave Crooks (IN-8), Pam Gulleson (ND-AL), and Gary McDowell (MI-1).

“In Dave, Pam, and Gary, the Blue Dogs have added three impressive candidates with a strong commitment to fiscal responsibility and representing the commonsense center of American politics,” said Rep. Jim Matheson (D-UT) Co-Chair of the Blue Dog PAC said. “Each of them brings unique backgrounds and experiences to the Blue Dogs, and we look forward to working with them in the our efforts to streamline government and encourage business growth and job creation.”

Dave Crooks is a small business owner in Southwestern Indiana, owning and operating three radio stations, and spent twelve years in the Indiana House of Representatives.

Pam Gulleson owns and operates a family farm in North Dakota with her husband and sons. She served in the North Dakota House of Representatives for sixteen years and was state director and chief of staff to U.S. Senator Byron Dorgan.

Gary McDowell is a small business owner and farmer, operating a 1,000-acre hay farm with his brother. A retired UPS delivery driver, McDowell also served in the Michigan House of Representatives.

During their time in their state legislatures, all three candidates were recognized as fair and practical leaders, who were willing to work across the aisle to fight for small businesses and working families.

“Congress needs more people like Dave, Pam, and Gary. People who have created jobs, balanced budgets, and want to make their communities and nation better for future generations,” said Rep. Dennis Cardoza, (D-CA) Co-Chair of the Blue Dog PAC. “Blue Dogs have always worked to represent the majority of Americans ignored by the extremes of both parties. In these candidates, we have three hard workers ready to join us in that effort. We could not be more excited to be welcoming them.”

Crooks, Gulleson, and McDowell join eight other Blue Dog-endorsed candidates in the 2012 election: former Reps. Nick Lampson (TX-14) and Charlie Wilson (OH-6), and Leonard Bembry (FL-2), Clark Hall (AR-1), Brendan Mullen (IN-2), Hayden Rogers (NC-11), Ted Vick (SC-7), and Rob Wallace (OK-2).

The Blue Dogs expect to announce more endorsements in the coming weeks.