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Blue Dogs Success on Election Night

The overwhelming number of Blue Dog Coalition members who stood for re-election will be returning to the 113th Congress in January 2013. Fourteen Blue Dog incumbents were successfully re-elected, including PAC Chair Jim Matheson (UT-04) and Coalition Co-Chair John Barrow (GA-12). 

The Blue Dogs will also welcome a new member, Congressman-Elect Pete Gallego (TX-23), to the Coalition in January.

We are also proud to congratulate Blue Dog Joe Donnelly on his election to the U.S. Senate from Indiana. 

In the weeks and months ahead the Blue Dogs will continue to a vital role in finding commonsense solutions to the challenges facing our nation.

Blue Dogs also stand ready to work with the President and members of both parties to address the fiscal issues ahead in the closing days of this Congress. 

We greatly appreciate the support you have shown the Coalition and are confident that with your continued support we will continue to expand our ranks.