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Sallie L.

North Carolina

Work hard, help others, use common sense, and don’t spend money you don’t have.  Those are lessons my husband, Phil, and I learned growing up and they are the values we passed on to our children. They are also the values that make us proud Blue Dog Democrats.

I have always been involved in the Democratic Party – working for candidates, leading Democratic Women’s organizations, and serving in a number of other Party organizations – and I know that the government can serve as a force for good. But our government acts best when it works efficiently and wisely.  That’s what Blue Dogs fight for.

Phil served 22 years in the Marine Corps, including a tour of duty in Vietnam, rising from an enlisted man to an officer, retiring as a Major. We both appreciate the Blue Dogs deep commitment to our military, both those serving and all our veterans who have served. Time and again the Blue Dogs have stood up for our men and women in uniform and military retirees, and we are proud to stand with the Blue Dogs.